How To Archive Projects?

  • In Project Central, if your project is ending and you want to save the data, but don’t need an actual Plan, you can Archive your Project.
  • First, select a project you want to Archive in Project Central. Click on the Manage Toolbar to view options.
  • Click on the Archive option in the menu.
  • In the Archive Plan window, confirm payment details and click the Confirm Payment button.

How much does it cost to Archive a Project?

  • The cost to Archive a Project is only $25 per Project. You can archive as many projects as you want.

Can I Restore an Archived Project?

  • You have the Option to Restore any of your Archived Projects. Simply Select the Archived Project you would like to Restore, open the Manage Toolbar and select the ‘Restore’ option.

You will then need to purchase a Subscription option in order to completely restore your Project.

Last Updated: Dec-10-23