The Hardware Bundle is a ‘Subscription’ option that turns ‘Jobsite’ into a ‘Smartsite’ with the latest in construction project management technology. The Hardware Bundle option is currently only available in the US. 

  • To Purchase Hardware, go to the Project Central page, select the project and click on the “Purchase Hardware” icon from the ‘Left Panel’ of the screen as shown below.

  • A pop screen appears with “Please Select One or More Base Bundle to Add to Your Project” options as shown below.

Jobsite BOARD has the following products:


  1. 86" Interactive Display
  2. Rugged Travel Case
  3. 4 Interactive Pens
  4. 2 Joysticks
  5. AV Camera
  6. RFID / Barcode Scanner
  7. Windows PC


  1. Internet Access Points
  2. Ricoh 360 Camera
  3. HP Plotter/Printer

Jobsite BADGE has the following products


  1. Kiosk
  2. Worker PVC badge printer
  3. Visitor Sticker Label Printer
  4. Samsung Tablet
  5. Worker Badges
  6. Battery Power Station
  7. Barcode Gun
  8. Visitor Stickers
  9. Charging Cable
  10. Tablet Swivel Hinge with Lock & Key


  1. 100-pack Worker PVC Badge Cards
  2. 1000-pack Worker PVC Badge Cards
  3. 260-roll Visitor Stickers
  4. Thermal Badge Printer Replacement Ribbon
  5. Smart Helmet with Magnet Mount
  6. Thermal Badge Printer Replacement Ribbon - 12 units
  7. Video Access Control
  8. Exit Card Swipe Pads

Jobsite RTLS has the following products :


  1. Entrance Gateway
  2. Solar Panel
  3. 200 BLE Tags
  4. 5 Jobsite Gateway
  5. 100 Location Anchor tags

Add - Ons

  1. 100-pack BLE Worker Tags
  2. 1000-pack Worker BLE Tags
  3. Smartwatch
  4. Solar Setup
  5. 100-pack Location Anchor Tags
  6. 1000-pack Location Anchor Tags
  7. Jobsite Gateway
  8. Smart Helmet with Magnet Mount

Jobsite GPS has the following products :


  1. Arrow Gold® GNSS receiver
  2. Arrow Gold® antenna
  3. Antenna mounting plate
  4. Carrying Case
  5. Pole bracket and clamp
  6. LI-Ion battery pack
  7. 12VDC power supply
  8. Tripod Pole


  1. LI-Ion battery pack
  2. Tripod Pole
  3. Pole Clamps

Jobsite Access has the following products :


  1. 2 Video Access Controls
  2. 2 Outpads


  1. NFC Badge Printer

  • Select the Hardware required and click on “ADD TO CART”.

  • All the selected Hardware will be added in “CART” on the top right corner.


  •  Click on the cart to proceed to “Checkout”. 

  • Payment page pops up with payment confirmation.

Last Updated: Dec-10-23