The “INFO” Panel helps to edit your Project information and view Streams with recent activities on the Project.

1. The “INFO” Icon is on the Left Panel in the ‘Project Central’ Page. Select the Project and click on the Info Icon.

2. When User clicks on “INFO”, a pop up screen appears to the extreme right.

3. Example: As we have selected “COLLEGE DORM”,  the screen shows two tabs which are “DETAILS” and “STREAMS”.

a. The “Details” tab shows the following information about the specific project:

  • Owner Name

  • Company

  • Project Number

  • Last Modified

  • Description

  • Type

  • Category

  • Duration

  • Contract Type

  • Contract Style

  • Location

  • Timezone

  • Area

  • Currency Type

  • Budget

b. The “STREAMS” tab shows the activities done by Team members.

Last Updated: Dec-10-23