Purchase for Standalone Plan

  • Users can select the Project as Standalone or a Bundle under ‘Plan Type',  while creating a Project. 


  • Based on the ‘Plan Type’ selection,  ‘Your Plan’ will filter the options. Bundle will display 3 options:

Note: 'Planner' does not have a Bundle, Hence not listed in the drop down. 

  • Standalone will display 4 options:

Note: 'PRO' does not have a Standalone option, PRO needs to be purchased as a Bundle always. 

  • If Plan is changed, confirmation pop up will appear, on confirming YES will refresh the Subscription Page to display the New Plan and its Payment Info.
  • Based on the above selection, in the subscription page ‘selected Plan Type‘ will display. 

  • The 'Change Plan' button - will show the Bundle/Standalone radio button along with the corresponding Plans as Individual Tiles.

  • If User changes the selection from Bundle to Standalone, then the corresponding plans display as Individual Tiles.

Device View:



Last Updated: Dec-10-23