Store All your 360 Files under the 360 Folder wherein you can create a New Folder within the 360 Folder or Upload 360 Files directly to the Root Folder.

  • Once the File is Uploaded, Double Tapping on the File will open the 360 Editor.
  • The 2 FAB options available for 360 are: 

1. New Folder

2. Upload 360

New Folder

  • Selecting the New Folder option allows you to Add a Folder Name and click Save.


360 Camera Upload

  • Selecting the 360 Camera upload from the FAB option allows you to upload a 360 file by invoking the Theta camera or browsing the Theta Camera to select the 360 files previously captured. If the Theta camera is not registered, then you will first need to register/link the Theta camera to continue with the 360 upload.
  • To Register your 360 Camera and Capture and Upload 360 to Drive, refer to the videos below:



  • Click on the 'Register Camera' option to begin.

  • In the Registering a Camera Screen,  Type in the Theta Camera Serial Number and click the Register Button. Once Registered on subsequent 360 Captures, the Register Theta camera is automatically invoked.


  • You will be asked to join the Network for the Theta Camera via the Camera's WIFI connection.  

  • Once the Theta Camera has been connected you will see the Image Gallery on the Theta Camera. Select one or more images and click Upload.

  • On Desktop, you Directly Upload 360 Files using the Upload Wizard, you do not need to Register the Theta Camera using the Desktop Platform.

Device Upload

  • This option allows you to upload a 360 File by browsing the Device Gallery.  You have the option to select 1 or more Photos from the Device.

Capture 360

  • This option allows you to connect to your Theta camera and Capture a 360 Image. With the camera Selected, simply click on the Green Camera button to Capture a 360 image. 

  • Click on the 'Register Camera' option to begin.


Last Updated: Dec-10-23