To Search Drive Files on your Mobile Device, Tap on the Dropdown Search Bar below the Main Menu.

  • In the Mobile Search Menu, you have the following Search Options at your disposal:
  • Recent Files:  Selecting Recent Files shows you your most Recently Accessed Files.  
  • Search By File Types:  Return search results for All File Types or a Specific File Type:  Any, Drawings, Sketch, Photos, 360, BIM, Schedule, Simulation, Sequence, Files, Media, Videos.
  • Search By Files Routed: The options are: My Active Routes, My Previous Routes, Both - My Active & Previous Routes, Active Routes, Previous Routes, Both - Active & Previous Routes. 
  • Search by Tags:  You have the option to Search by either File Tag or Location Tag.
  • Last Modified:  Filter your Search Results by Time Period:   Today, Yesterday, Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days.
  • Others - Items Available Offline: Selecting this Options shows Items that are set to Available Offline.

  • When Search Parameters are Set, they will show Below the Search Bar. If you would like to Remove a Search Option, simply click the X next to the Option to remove the recently accessed Files.

Last Updated: Dec-10-23