Users can Revise the uploaded Drawings in the Drawings folder on Mobile 

  • To get started Revising a Drawing on Mobile, First, Tap on the Triple Dot Menu for the Item you would like to Update.

  • In the Triple Dot Menu, Tap on the Info Button to view the Item Information.

  • In the Item Info Panel,  Tap on the Revision Link text to open the Revision Uploader.

  • In the Revision Uploader,  select the Revision you would like to upload and Upload the file.


  • In the Upload Window, Select the Newer Version from either Cloud Storage or your Local File.  With the Revision showing, click the Next Button.   In the Upload Drawings Window,  update information for the Revision being Updated.  Be sure to Select a Specific Value for the Revision.  Once you have added the information for the Revision, click the Upload Button to Upload the Revision   The Latest Revision will now show on the Item Info Card.

Last Updated: Dec-10-23