The User Interface for Meeting Minutes and Follow up during a LiveLink has been enhanced to have a better User Experience. The functions are as explained in the document.

Meeting Name in LiveLink Widget

  • For a scheduled meeting, the meeting name has to be displayed at the top as shown below. The meeting name (Example: " ACME Monthly Review" as shown) is displayed at the top, just above the 'View Agenda' . This will give additional info for the user(s) about the meeting he has logged into.

Note: For an unscheduled or ad-hoc meeting, since there is no meeting name, that space is adjusted accordingly.


Meeting Name in Agenda Page

  • When the user clicks on the Agenda page, the tool navigates to the 'Agenda' page where all the added agenda for the meeting is displayed. Just above the 'Add Agenda Item' tile, the meeting name (If scheduled) will be displayed as shown below. 

         Note: If it is an ad-hoc call, then the label is not shown.


Device screens:

The functions remain the same as on the Desktop Ver. 

Summary Notes User Interface Changes

  • Summary Notes currently just got added as a note and when updated, used to get updated to the same summary notes. And there was no time stamp for the added summary notes.

  • The 'onstraints & Issues' control was used for Summary Notes. This has been enhanced as shown below:
  • Clicking on the Summary Notes icon (or when the user switches from one agenda to another agenda for the first time) will show a second widget as shown below.

  • Any attendee clicks in the field and enters a note during the call 

Note: Any attendee can add summary notes.

  • He then clicks on the '+' button to confirm the addition of the Summary note.

  • The note gets added in the grid below. It shows the following details:
  • Agenda Item name - This will indicate to the user under which agenda Item the particular notes is added.
  • 'Time stamp'  - Time during the call when it was added.
  • Notes - The notes added.
  • Attendee's photo and the name who added the summary note.
  • 'Remove' button (only for the organizer).

  • Once a Summary Note is added, the icon turns Blue  indicating that the agenda item has one or more summary notes added. The widget will list all the summary notes (from all the agenda items) added in the same order as it was added during the call. Users can use the 'Sort' button to sort it in the reverse order.

Adding Summary Notes using microphone 

  • Organizer can dictate the notes by clicking and holding the microphone button which will get added in the notes field. Clicking on the  '+' button will add the notes.

Device Screens for Summary Notes

The functionality/UI changes remain the same as Desktop. 

  • Press & Hold the mic and dictate notes

Phone screens

Follow-up Items UI Changes

  • Organizer clicks on the 'Follow up' Items button. User is displayed an interface where he can add follow up items in a new widget that opens to the left of the main widget.

  • Clicking on the 'Select User to assign' field, will list all the invitees of the meeting.


  • Organizers can pick one or more users for the follow-up item  being created.

  • Organizer then clicks on the 'Enter follow up note' field and keys in the text.

Note: Users can also click & hold on the 'mic' icon and dictate the text which gets added to the field. This functionality is common on desktop and devices.

  • Organizer clicks on the 'Add' button to add the Follow up item. It gets added to the grid and is displayed as shown below. The added follow-up item has the following details:

  • 'Name of the Agenda Item' - Name of the agenda item to get a quick understanding  as to which agenda item the following item was added to.
  • 'Timestamp' when the follow-up item was added during the call in Hours and minutes
  • Follow-up Notes - Organizer can add notes by keying in from the keyboard or from the microphone by holding down the mic button and dictating the notes.
  • 'Assigned to' Label and the assigned person along with his icon and name as shown below.

Note: It is not mandatory to assign a person to every follow up item. Hence, if a user is not assigned, then, Assigned to Label is not displayed.

  • Resolve /  Complete - Displayed to all attendees of the meeting. Clicking on this will set the follow up item to Resolved. 
  • Delete -  Displayed only to the organizer. He can delete the follow up item by clicking on this button.

  • Once a follow-up item is added, the follow-up item icon on the agenda item tile turns blue, indicating that the agenda item has one or more follow-up items added.

  • Once a follow up item is resolved by any of the attendees, the icon/name of the user is updated under the 'Resolved By' label as shown below. 

Non-organizer / attendee

  • Attendees will just see the Resolve button and not the Delete button. Users can resolve a follow up item by clicking on the button.

Device Screens - Follow Ups:

Phone screens

Agenda displayed as a floater popup

  • The moment a meeting(with agenda) is started and when the organizer clicks on the agenda item, the same active agenda item is displayed along with its countdown timer as shown below next to the REC button.

  • This is by default shown next to the REC button initially. The User / Organizer can click and drag it to any position if it comes in the way during the call.

Device screens: 

The functionality/UI changes remain the same as the desktop.



Agenda shows warning when timer approaches the limit

  • When the time set for an agenda is near completion(5 mins), it starts pulsating (as it is doing today). It also starts to pulsate in the agenda popup next to the REC icon. Once the timer reaches the last minute, it shows a toast message to the user as shown in the popup for 30 seconds - " Gentle Reminder: You are nearing the end of your allotted time"

Device screens

The functionality changes remain the same as the desktop.



Agenda over-run time warning message

  • Shows a warning toast message for 30 seconds "Gentle Warning: You have over-run your allotted time for this agenda item"

Device Screens

The functionality changes remain the same as the desktop.


Meeting Minutes Folder UI changes 

  • Once the LiveLink meeting(with agenda and meeting minutes turned ON)  ends, the Meeting Minutes is generated and the video is available in the Meeting Minutes Folder.

Summary Notes

  • The 'Summary Notes' and 'Follow-up' Items will be displayed in two different tabs as shown below. 
  • All attendees of the meeting can access the Meeting Minutes Video. The Notes will be shown in the same order as it was created with respect to time during the call. The time stamp is shown as a hot link. Clicking on the timestamp will jump the video to the time when the Summary Notes was added. 

Device Screens


  • The follow-up tab shows all the follow items added for the  Agenda item in the same order they were created during the call. The item shows the following data:
  • Name of the agenda item - under which it was added
  • Time stamp - when it was added during the call
  • Follow-up item text -  actual text added during the creation of follow-up item
  • Assigned To - This is not mandatory, It can be a follow up item without any assignee. (Internally, the organizer can be treated as the assignee for the such items)
  • Resolve - Resolve button for resolving the agenda item.

Device Screens

  • For both tablet and mobile screens, for an unresolved follow-up item, the tile shows the 'Resolve' icon in place of the 'Resolved By'.

Print from Meeting Minutes

  • When user clicks on Print in Meeting  Minutes, the Print View is displayed as shown in the mockup below:

Tablet Screens

The Tablet also will have the Download and Print icon.

Phone Screens: 

The phone also will have the Download and Print icon.

Scenario when organizer moves from one agenda item to another

  • When the organizer moves from an agenda item to another when the countdown counter is  running, then the counter of the previous agenda item is paused and the newly selected agenda item's counter (if added) will be started. The paused counter of the previous agenda item has to be rightly indicated as shown in the mockup. Once the organizer returns to the previous agenda item, the counter resumes. 

  • If the organizer has switched between agenda items multiple times, it is also tracked and the range is shown at the top, just below each agenda item name.

Device Screens

The functionality changes remain the same as the desktop.


Phone Screens

Agenda popup when maximized

  • The agenda popup when opened during a LiveLink call should also show the timer and the total timer allocated for the agenda item as shown in the mockup.

         Note: Both the relevant warning toast messages should still be shown if the popup is on.

Follow-up Items in Tasks App

  • Every follow-up item created by the organizer will be created in the  'Tasks' app in the background.
  • Every Task will be set with a name 'Meeting name followed by assigned user name'
  • It will be assigned to the user selected while creating the follow-up Item. 
  • The Metadata of the App will have details like: Meeting name, Attendees, Organizer, Agenda (Items), Date etc.
  • It will have a workflow configured with stages as Submitted, Awaiting Resolution, Not Resolved, Resolved.

Last Updated: Dec-10-23