To Access 'Route/Stamp Settings', in the Project Dropdown Menu go to FIELD™ Settings > Route/Stamp Settings as shown below.

  • Route/Stamp Settings allows users to configure one or many 'Stamp Sets'. Each Stamp Set can have Multiple 'Outcome Values' and also allows Users to Route the Files/Drawings.


  • Each Outcome when added will be assigned with a unique color and can be updated by clicking the color picker.


  • A Stamp Set can be deleted by clicking on the “Delete Icon”, as well as individual “Outcome values” can be deleted by clicking the “Delete Icon” against its Value.


  • The Outcome values can be rearranged by dragging and dropping as shown in the below Image. The same sequence will be displayed to the User while initiating a stamp.

Adding Route:

  • Routing of files can be done in the Drawings (either at the set level or at the individual drawing level) Drawings 'excluded' from the set will not be considered part of the Route. The new route “Toolbar” button is visible regardless of whether the Blockchain setting was turned on at the Project Level.
  • Route Toolbar button will be available for the below Drive Folders:
  • Drawings
  • Sketch
  • 360
  • BIM
  • Photos
  • Files
  • Either an entire SET can be picked or Individual Files can be multi selected.


  • Select individual drawing files at the file level as shown below.


Creating a Route without Users Required

  • When selected, the Add Route Toolbar Button will invoke the 'Route Package' popup.


  • At the Users section,  we can add one or many Project members including the Person who is Configuring the Route.

  • Allow Routing in any order- this is a default selection. Selecting this option would mean that when the Route is configured, the users added to the Route can authenticate in any order. Each Person has to wait for the other person to Route - this option would imply that when configuring the route package, the order has to be Sequenced by dragging and reordering the User Sequence. Once the sequence is set, the Route has to be completed in the same order that was configured during the Configuration.

  • Reason for Route users can enter the 'Reason' for the Route which gets displayed during the process of stamping a file.

  • Route Date Expiration - allows users to set the date that is greater than or equal to the current date. Once the Route expiration date is complete, the Route Package for the file will automatically be canceled. The Route will also be closed when all the User's Part of the Route completes the Stamp.

  • Route with current markups when Turned ‘ON’ will route not just the file, but also the markups that are also part of the current version.

  • Choose the Route Category - displays all the 'Stamp Sets' that have been configured in the FIELD Settings > File/Drawing Route Settings.

  • Based on the Route category, configured outcomes will be displayed. By Default, the outcome option is set to None. The Configuration can either be set to "None" or a Preferred Outcome can be selected. If the "Set" Preferred Outcome is Pointing to "None", then while Stamping the File, User can still choose an outcome, but the Route Package will not autocomplete until all the users finish the Stamp.

  • When a ‘Preferred Outcome’ is selected, the ‘Set the criteria below to end…’ below, gets enabled and by default it is set to 'All'.

  • The Number of participants available to select, is the same as the number of Users added.

  • When clicked on ‘Done’ Toast will be displayed stating 'Drawing routed successfully!"

Show Watermark for the Files(s) Routed


  • If a set has been Routed and is still active, then the entire folder will get the Route Watermark. Double tap on the Set to enter the folder to view the files within it.

  • The same functions are available on a Mobile Device:



Email Notification


  • Once a drawing is routed successfully, Email notifications will be sent to each User where the Files/Drawings have been routed to.


  • User clicks on 'Stamp Now' from the Email Notification or when the user navigates to the actual file. If the file is NOT Part of the Route, then Until the Route is completed, the Files are locked which would mean that  any user that is not part of the Route, trying to open the file, will load the file in Sketch View Only. Once the Route is completed, then the File is available to all the Users.



  • When Sketch is opened by the User who is part of the Route, since the File has an Active Route, the 'Stamp File' widget is automatically invoked and displays the current Route highlighted in Yellow with a Green rotating icon. The previous routes are also shown as Multiple expand/collapse accordions. The Active Route for the selected File(s) will show as highlighted in Yellow, with the attributes as shown below.


  • User clicks on their Name/Tile to Stamp the selected File.


  • The File Stamp will display all the Users that were added to the Route. If none of the Users have Stamped the file, then below the user name and the company you would see a Text/Watermark as "Not reviewed yet." When you open a file, and Click on 'Stamp', this would mean that You as the User is Stamping that file. The 'Stamp File' popup contains information as shown below.


  • With an Outcome selected, the user clicks on the 'Initiate Stamp' button to Initiate Stamping the File.


  • When clicked the 'Initiate Stamp' Button and If Blockchain has been enabled for the Project, the user will see the following 'Stamp File Authentication' Blockchain message below. If Blockchain has not been enabled, users WILL NOT See this pop up.

  • When File stamped, the User tile in the 'Stamp File' Sidebar Widget now shows with the outcome selected displayed in the color that was selected during the Configuration. Additionally, if  Blockchain has been enabled, the Blockchain ID for the transaction will show below the Outcome.


  • Expanding a Previous Route will display the Users as well as the Route Details, but the Section is disabled as no action can be performed on the previously completed routes. For the Routes that are previously completed, the PRINT icon will be displayed.


Users not part of the Route 

  • As described in the previous section, if a file is Routed, then a Watermark against the file is displayed.  When trying to open any file that is actively Routed by a User who IS not Part of the Route, is not allowed to make any changes to the File.

  • Double tap on the File that is actively Routed will show the below message: "File is being routed to other team members, While the Route is active, the file will open in view Only".


Device screens (Tablet and mobile)
The functionality/ feature remains same as that of the desktop version. Below are the key screens for devices.


  • Click on 'Yes' from the Popup and Sketch will load in View Mode only.  Only Comment in the Draw Toolbar will be Available for the User.



Device screens (Tablet and Mobile) :

The feature/functionality  remains same as that of the desktop version. Below are some key screens for Devices.

Tablet screens


Mobile screens



Route with Users in Sequence

  • To Route with users in sequence as admin clicks down on the drag icon to hold and drag the selected user. 


  • Admin clicks, holds and drags to reorder the sequence for the package.

  • In the 'Stamp File' Sidebar Widget in Sketch, the Sequenced users will show as a numbered list.


  • When the first user has stamped the file, a green check will show where the number is shown.



Route with all Users as Required

  • Admins have the option to set users as 'Required' when routing packages by setting users as 'Required' by checking the 'Set Required' boxes  to the right of each user. 

  • When few or all users are made 'Required', 'Set Preferred Outcome' and 'Set Criteria’ will be  ‘Disabled’. Only 'Route Category' can be chosen when all the required Users complete the Stamp, hence  the File route will be completed.  

  • In the 'Stamp File' Sidebar Widget,  when users are set to Required in Config,  those users will show with red 'Required' text on the user tile.


Route with some Users set as Required

  • Admins have the option to Check one  or more users as 'Required' when routing packages. In the 'Route Package' window, Admin clicks to Set users as 'Required' by checking the 'Set Required' boxes  to the right of each user. 


  • User clicks to select a 'Route Category' for the Route Package.


Stamp with Sketch:


  • A File can be directly Stamped without being routed. When a User needs to go in and Auto Stamp a File on  their own, they can do that by clicking the 'Stamp File' option in the 'Widgets' menu in Sketch with the File  opened. Click on the 'Stamp File' option in the Widgets menu to open the 'Stamp File' popup.

  • When the File is Not Routed and is being directly stamped by a sketch, Users will need to Choose the  'Category' and then the 'Outcome'.

  • Click on the 'Initiate Stamp' to Stamp the File.

Print File: 

Users have the option to Print out a Stamp Report by clicking on the Print icon in the 'Stamp File' Widget. The  Print icon is displayed ONLY for file versions that are Route Complete.  

  • The Stamp Route Report is as shown below.



Versions & Revisions

  • Both Versions and Revisions in the 'Drawings' folder will show the Active and the previous Routes for Drawings folder. Showing the Route details for Ver/Rev will be on all the Drive folders that would support Routing and  Stamp.  


  • Versions will have a Sketch as the new toolbar option where Users will be able to  select either the current version or any of the Previous versions and open the file in sketch. If the Latest Version is selected, then Sketch will be Opened in Edit Mode and an older version will open in view mode only. 


Mobile Screens:
The feature/functionality remains same as that of the desktop version. Below are some key screens for devices.





  • When Sketch is opened, since the File has an Active Route, the Blockchain Stamp widget is automatically invoked and displays the current Route highlighted in Yellow. The Previous Routes are also shown as Multiple Expand/Collapse Accordions.  Only when the user is on the  Active Route, the Stamp Button is enabled. Selecting any of the Previous Routes that were completed will  disable the Stamp Icon in the 'Stamp File' Widget. 
  • Click on the 'Stamp' Button to begin the Stamping process.



View Old Versions in Sketch:

  • You will be able to select any of the Previous Versions when clicked on the Sketch Toolbar Button. When an older version of the file is selected, the Stamp file toolbar button will be disabled.  


  • When a Previous Version is loaded in Sketch, the file will be in Read Only Mode and  in the Draw Menu  option, only the Comment Icon will be available. 
    Note: When Older Version is loaded, Other than the Route Details for that Version,  the other Route Version  details will not be available in the 'Stamp File' Widget.  Also, the Stamp button will be Disabled. 


Screenshots for Tablet and Mobile: 

The feature/functionality remains same as that of the desktop version. Below are some key screens for devices.






  • The Revisions will now display the Version Number associated with that specific Revision. Revisions will also have 'Open in Sketch' and 'Cancel Route' as the 2 new toolbar options. 



Cancel Active Route

  • A Route can be cancelled when a Route that is Active is selected. The toolbar will stay disabled when any Version that is not Active is selected. 

  • To Cancel an Active Route,  in Versions, when a Version with an Active Route is selected, clicking on the  'Cancel Route' button will allow the user to Cancel the Active Route. 


  • Clicking the Cancel Route button will show the below Confirmation message. Click on Cancel to cancel the Route. When a Route is Canceled, the file will be unlocked in the Drive Folder and is available for ALL the Users to Edit.


Screenshots for Tablet and Mobile: 

The feature/functionality remains same as that of the desktop version. Below are some key screens for devices.




Upload Drawings

  • When a File is actively being Routed, this would also mean that the specific file is now LOCKED from any edits until the Routing is completed or expires.  During this process, if the user tries to upload the same file, then the upload process for that specific File will be Restricted and User is shown an Info.

  • When the same file is uploaded, the only way the you can proceed is to delete that drawing and proceed  further with any uploads.  Once the Route is completed or Expired you can upload the same drawing to create a NEW Version.  


Drive - Photos Folder

  • Route Toolbar button will be available for Drawings, Sketch, 360, BIM, Photos and files Drive Folders.

  • Once the 'Stamp File' Route is configured, Routing of Files can be done using the new toolbar button.


  • User sets the Route Package routing information and clicks 'Done' to Route the Package.


  • Example of a File which has been routed and is showing the individual Route Watermark.


  • The Route and MDS Hash will show in the Versions Panel. 


Last Updated: Dec-10-23