The video below will guide you on how to use Quick View in Drive Mode and in SKETCH™:

Launch Quick View

Users can now launch Quick View directly from the Drawings Folder with a single tap on the drawing image.

Single Click Action:

Single click on the drawing image launches the Quick View panel.

On Hover Action:

Hovering over the drawing image displays the Quick View launch option.

Double Click Action:

Double click on the drawing launches the drawing in SKETCH.

Selection Actions:

Clicking anywhere apart from the image allows for selection.

Ctrl + Tap on the tile for multi-selection.

Shift + Tap on the tile for range selection.

Quick View Panel Changes

Thumbnail View:

  • Launches a thumbnail strip of all loaded files in the folder.

  • Current file is highlighted when the user switches to the thumbnail view.

  • Next and Previous options for thumbnail navigation.

  • Close option to exit thumbnail view.

  • Clicking any thumbnail opens the respective file in the Quick View Panel.

Find (List View):

  • Launches a list view of all loaded files in the folder.

  • Allows users to find files by typing their names.

  • Current file is highlighted in the list.

  • Next and Previous options for list navigation.

  • Close option to exit list view.

  • Next and Previous:

  • Provides options to navigate to the next and previous files in the Quick View.

View Navigations:

Zoom In, Zoom Out, Fit to Screen, Pan, Zoom to Selection controls similar to SKETCH.

Updated control icons displayed in the right bottom corner.

File Revision:

Displays "Rev: <#Revision Count>" on the left bottom corner.

Date Issued:

Shows "Date Issued: <#Date>" on the bottom right corner.

Open Reference File Link:

Clicking on any reference file link opens the file in the same Quick View Panel.

Additional Notes:

The Find option searches for files only within the current folder.

Find results match the Thumbnail View when the user switches to that view.

All enhancements are available on both desktop, devices and in Sketch

Last Updated: Dec-21-23