In Apps Mode, you have the ability to create both Private and Public app groups. AppGroups allow you to focus on a subset of apps. This is very useful if you have access to many SmartApps in a project, but only tend to use some of them.

  • To create a new AppGroup, click the Manage AppGroup button shown below.

  • The Manage AppGroup window will open. To add a new AppGroup, click the Add Group button shown below.

  • Give the AppGroup a name, a description (optional), and choose if the AppGroup to be Public or Private. Public AppGroups can be seen and used by everyone in your project. Private AppGroups can only be seen by you.

  • Click the SAVE button to save your AppGroup.

  • The new AppGroup will show in the list. To add SmartApps to the AppGroup, select the AppGroup in the list, select one or more SmartApps to add to it, and click the SAVE button.

  • Your new AppGroup will appear in the Search Bar drop-down under Public if your AppGroup is a Public AppGroup, or under Private if your AppGroup is a Private AppGroup. If you select the AppGroup you have created, only the SmartApps you have added to it will show.

Last Updated: Dec-10-23