When you double click on a SmartApp in Apps Mode, the App Grid will open. From there, you can see all the Smart items added to that SmartApp. If you want to show more information about the data in the Smart items in the grid, you can add columns by clicking the field selector button shown below.

  • You can add and remove grid columns by selecting or unselecting fields in the different collections in the App. You must click the Apply Changes menu option to save your selections.

  • The fields you selected will now show as columns in the App Grid. To create a new Grid View with the fields that you have added, click the Save button in the Toolbar and then click the 'Save As' option.

  • The 'Save View As' window will open, and you must give your Grid View a name, and you can also set the following additional options for your Grid View:
  • Filter by User Having Workflow: This will only show Smart items that you have workflow to perform
  • View Type: This will allow you to make your view Public or Private
  • Always Get Latest Data: If you check this option, your grid will always get the latest data without having to refresh.
  • Click the Submit button to finish creating your Grid View.

  • Your new Grid View will show in the Search drop-down.

Last Updated: Dec-10-23