To Sort the items in ascending or descending order in the App Grid, click on the column header. An arrow will show to indicate how the item is being sorted. If the arrow is pointing up, the items are being sorted in ascending order, if the arrow is pointing down, the items are being sorted in descending order.

  • To Group the app grid, right click on the column header you want to group by, and click the Group by this field option in the menu that shows.

  • The grid will be grouped by the value in that field in all the items showing in the grid.

  • To expand a group, click the + expand icon shown below.



  • To Remove the grouping, right click in the column header bar, and click the Group By Box option. A row will appear showing the columns you have as grouped.

  • To remove the grouping, right click on the grouped fields you want to ungroup, and click the Ungroup This Field option.

  • The grid will no longer show as grouped.

  • To close the Group By Box, right click and select the Group By Box option again.


  • To Filter items in the grid, right click and select the Filter Bar option.

  • Filter icons will display for each column.

  • Type in the area next to the filter icon and click the filter icon to choose the method of filtering. Click the Apply All Filters option to implement the filter.


  • To remove filters, select the Clear All Filters option.

  • To remove the filter fields in the columns, right click the column header area again and select the Filter Bar option.


Last Updated: Dec-10-23