In a Smartapp Item in Drive, when you click on the Attachments Tab in an item, you will have one of the following 3 attachment options:

  • Select from Drive - Select an Attachment from your Drive
  • New Sketch - Create a New Sketch as an Attachment
  • Upload Files - Upload a File from your Local Drive as an Attachment

  • To get started, in your App, Select a Smart Item and click on the pencil marker to open an App Item.


  • In your App Item, click on the 'Attachments' Tab, then in the Attachments Tab, click on the Green '+' FAB Button to show Attachment Options.


  • The '+' FAB options are as follows:  Select from Drive,  New Sketch,  Upload Files. In this example, we will click on the Select from Drive option.


  • Selecting the 'Select from Drive' option will let you select and add Drive files as attachments, Insert as 'Drive Link' or 'Copy File' Options are available to the Users and once clicked on 'Done' the Attachment is added to the Smart item in the App.



Last Updated: Dec-10-23