My Favorite Apps helps you to save a collection of the Apps one regularly uses in the 'My Favorite Apps' widget. Go to the top right hand corner, click on the 'My Profile' icon image displayed > My Favorite Apps 


  • 'My Favorite Apps' is a right panel widget listing all the Apps that are marked as Favorite by the logged in User. Favorite is local to the logged in User only. The widget would be blank with a watermark “Manage Favorite Apps”.


  • Once a User clicks on the watermark, it displays the list of apps accessible to the user that can be added to favorites.


  • If the User Clicks on the star mark it will mark the app as favorite and display “Added App to Favorites”.



  • Apps that are shown in the Favorite list is always LOCAL to the Project loaded, If an App has been marked as Favorite and if the App instance is NOT part of the Project, then the APP has to be disabled on tap show a toast 'You do not have access to the App in the current project'.


  • Upon selecting the favorite app the app tile shows 2 options:
  • Add item
  • Browse items

  • If User is clicking on the “Add item” it will show the create new item popup automatically.

  • After Clicking on the “Browse items” it will show the App Grid and will minimize the 'My Favorite Apps' widget. Widget has to be available regardless of which mode the user is in (Planner, Drive, Apps).

Last Updated: Dec-10-23