The Safety Bulletin has Notification settings and role updates where, Notification settings allows the Safety Manager Select who receives the Safety Bulletin Notifications and the Roles Column allows Safety Manager to Switch Roles for Notifications in the 'Safety Bulletin' Panel. Safety Bulletin can be accessed using Project Settings > Safety Settings. 

  • To access the safety bulletin user click on the 'Safety Bulletin' option under Project Settings > Safety Settings.

  • The 'Safety Bulletin' Settings popup, has 'Notification Settings' button which lets the safety Manager select users who receive Safety Bulletin Notifications. The Toolbar options are Add and Edit Bulletin, Activate/Deactivate Bulletin, Delete Bulletin, Notification Settings and print .

  • In Addition the Roles Column allows Safety Manager to Switch Roles for Notifications in the 'Safety Bulletin' Panel by clicking on the roles section as shown below.


  • Safety Manager clicks on the 'Notification Settings' Toolbar button to Set Notification Settings.

  • The 'Notification Settings' Panel has information as shown below allowing the Safety Manager to select a Role  and trade for the receival of alerts or Select if all project members would should receive the alerts along with an option to to enable the SMS notification for the alert.

  • As a Safety Manager once the notification settings are set click on 'SAVE' to save the Changes.

Creating a Safety Bulletin

  • Safety Manager should click on the + (Add) Button to Add a New Safety Bulletin. The Safety Bulletin Window is as shown below.

  • As a Safety Manager type in a Safety Bulletin Name in the 'Name' field and clicks the 'Type' field to select a Type from the drop down as shown.

  • Safety Admin has the option to Select a role and trade that will receive the alert or select All project members to send the alert to all project team. If a Role/Trade in 'Notification Settings' is not set previously, it displays nothing prepopulated. 

Note : Safety Admin can select one or more different Roles if necessary.

  • The option "Do you want to send the alert to only members of the jobsite" when set to On will send the alerts only to team working at the jobsite.


  • The "Turn On SMS" when set to On will shown options to.

  • With the Safety Bulletin information Filled Out, click on 'Save' to Save and add the New Safety Bulletin.

Editing a Safety Bulletin Role in 'Safety Bulletin' Panel 

  • Safety Managers have the option to Edit the Roles that are set for specific Safety Bulletins directly in the 'Safety Bulletin' Panel by clicking on the 'Roles' Dropdown in a specific Safety Alert Column. Safety Manager clicks on the 'Role' Dropdown for a Safety Bulletin.

Safety Manager has the option to select a different role for the selected Safety Alert.

Last Updated: Dec-10-23