The 'SOS & Bulletin Notifications is an SOS feature that allows the Safety Manager to Configure the SOS & Bulletin Notifications in a Project. Once the SOS & bulletin notifications are configured, the Send SOS Notification will send an 

IN APP Push Notification, SOS EMAIL NOTIFICATION to the users selected by the Safety Manager. The Menu Option is disabled for General Users.

To access 'Safety Bulletin Notifications' Click on the option under Project Settings > Safety Settings.

The 'SOS & Bulletin Notifications' Settings popup contains the following information

  1. Title: Recipients of the bulletin 

  2. Help Button: Redirects to 'SOS & Bulletin Help Documentation 

  3. X: Close Window

  4. Toggle Text: 'Every one present on the Job Site at the time of the event' will be ON by Default. will allow all the Users at the Jobsite with RTLS Beacon Data Available will receive the SOS and/or Safety Bulletin Alert.

    Note: Toggle will be enabled only if RTLS is Enabled. 

  5. Toggle: (Defaults to OFF) -  This toggle button is enabled only if RTLS is Enabled on the Jobsite. When Turned on, notifications get sent to Everyone present on the job site at the time of the event. 
    Note: IF RTLS Is Not Enabled, the Toggle option is disabled (hidden) allowing the user to only see ROLE or Distribution List options. 

  6. Role Selector Dropdown: Allows selection of one or many Roles to send SOS & Bulletin Events.

         7. User can click Role to select one or more Roles from the Distribution List Dropdown.

SOS on Phone

Sending an SOS by Phone

The 'Send SOS' Option can be accessed in the User Settings on Mobile or press and hold the Smartapp to view the App Menu Options.

Click the 'Send SOS' option to Send an SOS to all the users that have been configured to Receive SOS Notifications in Safety Settings.

With the 'Send SOS' button pressed, User will see the 'Send SOS' Popup with the following information:

a. Text: 'Send SOS'

b. X: Close Popup

c. SOS Icon

d. Text: 'Would you like to send an SOS message now?'

e. Cancel (X): Close SOS Popup when clicked.

f. Send (Check): Send SOS Notification when clicked.

Click on the Orange Check Button to send an SOS Notification. With the Send SOS Notification Sent, User will see the f: 'SOS Message Sent Successfully' message on screen.

Receiving an SOS by Phone

When an SOS Notification gets sent to the Users configured, the users selected to receive one of the following SOS Notifications:

  • For the IN APP Push Notification, 

User is displayed a 'Location Pin' and a 'Tick' as the 2 Action Buttons. Tapping on the Location Pin Icon Loads Sketch and Displays the User Beacon on the Sketch File.

Tapping on the Push Notification will navigate the User into the Project and Load the Sketch File Displaying the User Beacon Location.


Email Notification Sent to the User will have the information along with the message and other information.

SOS Smart Items in 'Safety Alert Log'

When an SOS Notification gets sent out by one of the Project Members, a new Smart Item gets created in the 'Safety Alert Log' App.

SOS in Daily Reports

In Daily Reports, The 'SOS' displays the following information for each SOS Notification for the day:

a. User: Name of User

b. Company: Company of User

c. Last Seen: MM/DD/YYYY HH/MM AM/PM

d. Location: Location Name

e. ID: Links to the Smart Item created in the 'Safety Alert Log' App.

SOS in 'Daily Report' view on Tablet

SOS in 'Daily Report' view on Phone

Last Updated: Dec-10-23