Contact Picker allows the view of Selected contacts at the Top of the list from users, companies, work teams in the list.

Contact Picker

  • Contact picker allows the selection of users from the list of Users, Companies and Work Teams.

  • Once the User is selected from the list the user names are highlighted in yellow to show the selection.

  • Viewing the list again as the users are added, the list displays the added users on top as "Users selected" as shown below and 'Other Users' group. Also an 'X' is shown against selected users, Clicking on the X will remove the user from the selected list. 

  • The contact picker can also be expanded as shown below by clicking on the contact icon for user selection.

  • After the selection, When the contact picker is re-opened, the Selected Users are shown in a separate group and the rest are shown under the 'Users' group. Same rule applies for Companies and Work Teams. 

  • Contact picker also allows the configuration to show Users, Companies and work teams from the list as shown below. When a contact picker has more than one data set to display (Users/Company/Work Team) then the Selected users are shown at the top within the group. If the contact picker only displays one set, then selected users is shown under 'Selected Users' and 'Others' group as shown in the previous section. 


Contact Picker on Mobile 

  • The feature functionality remains same as that of the desktop version.




Last Updated: Dec-10-23