Shipping Tracking Barcode Parsing is a custom calculation function allows you to parse a Shipping barcode and extract available Metadata.

  • A new calculation Function called Parse Tracking is added.  The function will take two parameters.  
  • Barcode, is the token of a barcode or string field.  
  • Part, a string identifying the part of the barcode to parse out.

  • The valid options for part is:
Part Identifier
Courier NameThe full name of the delivery service
Courier CodeThe short code for the delivery service
Tracking UrlThe full URL to get detailed tracking information for the specified barcode
Tracking NumberThe barcode after removing padding and extract characters such as hypens, etc.
Service NameThe named service being utilized for the delivery of the package

Example Usage:

=ParseTracking(bacodefieldtoken, "service_name")

=ParseTracking(barcodefieldtoken, "courier_name")

Last Updated: Dec-10-23