In Apps Mode, the 'Smart Items' search option allows you to search the smart item and will be by default when ‘Apps Mode’ is launched. 

‘Smart Items’ search:

  • Click on the ‘Search Bar’  dropdown to view options as shown below.

  • The ‘App Mode’ search options are as follows:
  • All Smart Items 
  • My Apps
  • Favorites

All smart Items

  • To see all smart items clicks on All Smart Items from the search as shown below.

  • The Search Results will automatically update matching the search criteria. The search results will have the following information:
  • App Icon
  • Smart Item Name
  • App Name


  • When you select a required Smart Item the same will appear on the screen as shown below.

All Smart Items Search - Devices

  • On the Mobile and Tablet, the search bar option defaults to the New Smart Item search. Tap on the search bar ‘Magnifying’ icon on a devices, which expands the search control and displays the watermark as "Search Smart Items'.


  • The Search Results will contain the following information:
  • App Icon
  • Smart Item Name
  • App Name

  • With a Smart Item selected, the Item will open full screen.

Barcode & BLE Scan - Devices

  • On devices, Users can either ‘Scan’ for ‘Barcode’ or use the ‘Toggle’ for BLE scan.

  • In Apps Mode, tap on the ‘Barcode Icon’ to scan a Barcode. Its default wherein tapping on the icon will Invoke the standard Barcode scanner.


  • Once a valid Barcode is scanned, it will extract the Barcode value from the Barcode.


  • In the Search field, the Barcode will show as "Barcode: <Barcode Value>". The Smart Items Results will shown based on the Barcode value. Basically, any Smart Item that has that Barcode Value in it will show in the search results. Click on a Search Result to open that Smart Item.

BLE Scan
  • You also have the option to search on devices by scanning for nearby BLE. The BLE results will show in the search bar as 'BLE Scan Results' and the search results will update based on nearby BLE tag values found in search results. Tap on the drop down next to the ‘Barcode’ Icon to switch to BLE Search.

  • Once you switch the option  to BLE,  a message  "Scanning for BLE..." is shown as below.

  • The search field will show a watermark as: "BLE Scan Results" with the Smart Items that have BLE Tag values in them showing in the Search Results list. Performing a BLE Scan from Apps Mode, should exclude User associated BLE results. Tap on a Search Result to view that Smart Item.


Last Updated: Dec-10-23