Signature 2.0 will be able to capture multiple signatures based on RTLS, Barcode scan or manual picking of project members and then getting the signatures.

Signature Metadata Field Configuration

  • The Signature MD field will be able to configure a single signature or multi signature metadata field. 

  • Create a new or edits an existing Smart App and edits it. Drag and drop the Signature Metadata field on to the designer.


  • Click on the metadata field to open the Signature Metadata Details fields. There are 2 options to select :
  • Single Signature (selected default) - allows a single signature when configured.
  • Multi-Signature  - Allows multiple signatures when configured.

  • If the user selects Multi-Signature, below options are displayed :
  • Required - Selecting this will make this metadata field as required field. User will not be able to submit the Item Properties Page without adding a signature in consumption.
  • Capture Display Date.

  • If the Multi-Signature is unchecked, no date or time is captured when a signature is made on the field. If checked, based on the configuration just the date or both date & time will be captured.
  • Display Date Only - Selecting this option will display only the date when the signature was made in mm-dd-yyyy format.
  • Display Both Date & Time - Selecting this option will display both date and time when the signature was added on the form in mm-dd-yyyy hh: mm format.

     Note: The above options are enabled ONLY when 'Capture Display Date' option is checked.

  • Save the SmartApp definition and publish it.

Play-It screens

Play It screens from App Studio and Designer for reference:

  • Play-it can be accessed from the tile of an App in App Studio OR from within the Designer of an App. In both cases, it opens the same page as shown below.



Multi Signature Metadata Field on Item Properties Page

  • The signatures can be captured for multiple project members around in one of the following ways:
  • BLE enable tags being auto scanned and displayed (This is only possible for a RTLS enabled Project)
  • Manually scanning badges of multiple project members who need to perform signature
  • Manually picking the members from the dropdown and getting the signatures done against their respective names.
  • Users open a Smart Item that has the Signature field configured for multiple signatures, navigates to Signature field and clicks on the 'Get Signature' button.
  • 'Team Members' popup is displayed to the user.
  • If it is a RTLS enabled Project, then click on the BLE icon. All the members around are automatically selected(By scanning their BLE tags).
  • Individual user's barcode can be scanned, and their signature taken. Click on Get signature to open 'Team Members' page. Click on Scan barcode and scans the user barcode and his details are populated in the page.

           Note: This process is repeated thrice if there are 3 users. Every user gets appended in the grid.

  • User can click on the dropdown, which will list all the team members from the logged-in user's company. He can manually pick the users who needs to sign from the dropdown list. All the selected user's data is picked from their respective profiles and populated. A member will sign and move to the next member.
  • Once all members complete their signatures, they hit Done' button on the 'Team Members' popup.
  • If 'Get Signature' is done again at a later stage, then, the new members should append to the existing signatures. If any member(s) has to be removed, they have to be selected and removed manually. It will not get reset if 'Get Signature' is clicked the next time. 

  • The 'Date /Time' Column is shown and Hidden in the grid based on the configuration. It will show the column name as ONLY 'Date' if Date only has been configured. 

Scenario 1: RTLS enabled Project:




Scenario 2: QR Code / Badge Scanning

Scenario where incorrect badge scanned 


 Remove a specific user before hitting 'Done' button  


Scenario 3:  Manually Picking members from the list

 When Signature field set as a Mandatory field

  • When multi-signature field is configured as mandatory, if a member has not applied his signature and the Smart Item Details page is saved, validation for mandatory field takes place and the member without signature is highlighted in RED. 
  • On selecting that member and clicking on 'Get Signature' that specific member's details is opened in the 'Team Member' popup. Members Signs and hits 'Done' and then saves the Smart Item Details Page.

 Key Phone Screens


Key Desktop Screens

Screens for the desktop to show how the Signature MD Field with multi signature configured renders in Item Properties Page.


On Hover on user name and user icon:


Last Updated: Dec-10-23