In the Apps Mode - Location Control, the User Interface and search updates have been enhanced. Users can copy from Excel & paste into the search control of Location Metadata which would show the results by adding a comma separator after each value.

Search control in Location Metadata

  • Users can click on the control and the pick list option will show up, the CURSOR blinks on the search control by default. 
    Note: Adding 'Search' control is only applicable for Desktop Users, and not on Device UI.


  • A watermark text is available on the Search control, Based on what location node the User has chosen (Building/Floor/Room - as an example), the Search <Location Node> text will be displayed as a watermark. 

  • Select All and Select None, Control helps a User, by taping on 'Select All' when select all of the value and highlights the 'Select All' button in blue. 'Select None' will unselect any selection made from the list. By default  'Select All' & 'Select None' will not be highlighted in blue.
  • In the pick list the User may scroll, when User does a Select All, "do not select just the data that is displayed on the screen, select the entire applicable data set" trigger appears to the User.


  • On the Desktop, When multiple locations are added, the User can see like 3 rows of data and then expands the control if the data exceeds over 3 rows.

New Location Pop up: Filter by Location 

  • An icon pops up in the Location Control at the end of the Location Metadata field.

  • User can Click on the icon from the previous screen, will pop up a 'Filter By Location'.

  • 'Left section' will show the location data pertaining to the Location Node that was selected in the Location Metadata control using the dropdown caret symbol (Building/Floor/Room - as an example).


  • This shows the same data in the left section that is shown in the pick list of Location Metadata control.

  • 'Currently Selected' on the left bottom is an indicator of how many nodes the User has 'currently' selected on the left, as the User selects data from the left, 'Currently Selected' count will increase. Once added to the list on the right the 'Currently Selected' count will reset to 0 automatically.

  • 'Added' on the right bottom is an indicator of how many nodes have been added to the right 'Selected List'. When data is added from left to right, the 'Added' will increase.

  • If User needs to remove the selection, then select the location on the right and use the right arrow to move it the left. Once a location is moved from Right to the left, the blue highlight on that value is removed and will become available for normal selection. 


  • User can Click on 'Done', this will add the selected locations to the Location Metadata control. 

Search Enhancement : Copy from Excel and paste into the search to filter location

  • User can store locations in a 3rd party application like 'excel' and copy the locations from Excel and paste into the search control in the 'Filter by Location' pop up search. Upon pasting the location values into the search, FILTER the location result set on the left pane would highlight them automatically.  
    Note: Search enhancement is available only to Desktop users.


  • When User copies location values from an Excel, If multiple locations were copied from excel, at the end of each location value, excel will add a delimiter (Dev team has to identify what the delimiter is, as per Jeremy we use this function else where and we need find what the delimiter is).
  • Once user pastes the values into the location search control, a comma separator differentiates b/w each location value and filter the result set in the left pane. 

  • Once the values are pasted into the search, Filter the left panel automatically and have them highlighted, the user need not hit enter to initiate the search. 

  • User can directly add multiple locations into the search control manually with comma separated and on clicking enter and tapping anywhere outside will initiate the search and filter the location list.

  • Search has to look from the lowest node of the location control, honors the node that has been selected to render the location data that has been chosen as what data has to be shown (Down caret drop down on the location MD - As an example Building - Floor - Room and user selected Room). If User searches for a Floor, look from the lowest node which is rooms and render the data showing data up to rooms.

Last Updated: Dec-10-23