In Analytics Mode, If you are a Project Owner, you will have access to Create New Analytics Visualizations.

Team Members that are not Project Owners will only be able to view the Analytics Visualizations they have access to. 

  • To Create a New Visualization, click on the 'Build Dashboard' Button.

  • In the Create New Dashboard Window, start by Adding a Dashboard Name, Data Sources, and add a Workbook.

  • When Selecting Data Sources,  you will see a list of All Apps in the Project.  Check off the Apps which data sources you would like to use in your Analytics Dashboard.

  • With a Data Source Selected,  either Select an Existing Workbook or Create a New Workbook. If you Select a Workbook,  click Open Designer to Edit the Workbook. Selecting Create New Workbook will automatically open the Analytics Designer.

  • The Analytics Designer opens on the Dashboard Tab. Dashboards are comprised of Sheets. Click on Sheet 1 to get started.


  • Once you have created your Visualization, save the Dashboard.  Your dashboard will now show in the Analytics tab.

Analytics Mode Overview

How To?

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Last Updated: Dec-10-23