Your Smart Gate Settings now has a new option for "Worker Safety Status". This allows you to further control jobsite access o those who have the right Safety credentials to be on the site. This helps minimize accidents and errors that could occur from allowing someone on the jobsite who isn't qualified to be there safely.

The Worker Safety Status will be OFF by default, which disables the rest of the section.

When you turn it ON, it will give you four Safety Status options:

  1. Verified - IN PROBATION
  2. Verified - FULL SERVICE
  4. Renewal Required

By default, all four Safety Statuses will be set to GREEN, allowing access for workers with any of these statuses.

Tapping on the toggle beside any of them, will turn it RED, which means access will be denied to anyone with that status. In the example below, anyone with the status "Probation - AWAITING FULL SERVICE" or "Renewal Required" will not be granted access.

When at least one Safety Status is set to RED, the "Access Denied Message" will be enabled for you to type in a message that should be displayed to worker who has been denied access.

Here is an example of what it looks like to a worker who has been denied access based on his Safety Status:

Last Updated: Dec-10-23