With the updated Navigation Bars and the Tool Structure Smartapp makes it easier for you and team members to find all Features at a place on both desktop and mobile.

  • The Filed and Safety have been newly added as two new tabs along with the planner to the navigation bar as shown below.

  • With the addition of two new tabs Field and safety which are by default along with planner on the navigation bar, the theme settings will allow the you to set the view of the other tabs in the newly added Tab settings section as shown below.

  • The Tab settings allows you to pin the tabs to task bar with 4 options. All the options in the Tab settings are check boxes as shown below

a.Pin Drive Mode to Task Bar

b.Pin Apps Mode to Task Bar

c.Pin Analytics Mode to Task Bar

d.Pin Map Mode to Task Bar


  • You can check and uncheck the tab settings, with uncheck on any of the Tab the specific tab will not be available in the navigation bar as shown in the example Map mode and Drive mode are unchecked and the same is not visible in the Navigation bar.

  • When all the tab settings are checked in the section all the tabs will be available for access in the task bar.

Last Updated: Dec-10-23