When your Subscription is for Safety in Bundle, the Navigation Bar would show Planner and Field along with Safety as shown below.

  • The Safety Tab would only show some key features as below 

a. Team Orientation

b. Visitor Log

c. Visitor Request

d. Safety Bulletin

e. SOS Tracker

f. Safety Onboarding Flyer

e. Request Safety Permit

g. Drive

h. Safety Apps 

  • Clicking on the team orientation will take the user to the project team page with the all the details of the team.

  • The Safety status column will show the safety status of the user and can be filtered by 

a. Not submitted

b. Partially Registered

c. Awaiting Verification

d. Verified

e. Verified in Probation

f. Probation - Awaiting Full Service

g. Expired

  • Clicking on the Safety onboarding flyer will directly load the safety onboarding flyer as shown below.

  • Clicking on the orange home button will take the user to the Safety tab page as shown below.

Note: Users can navigate to Drive Mode via Planner, Field or Safety Tab. 

Last Updated: Dec-10-23