Clicking on the Apps Section will show all the Apps and the dropdown on the search bar will show the search related to that particular section in the Project.

  • The search bar will show below options and clicking on any of the options will take the user to the option page.

a. All Smartapps

b. My Apps

c. Zone Apps

d. Favorites

e. Planner Apps

f. Field Apps

g. Safety Apps

  • As shown in the example clicking on the Safety Apps will take the User to Apps related to the Safety. Likewise, Planner & Field Apps will take the the User to the Planner & Field related Apps respectively.

Note: Users can navigate to Drive Mode via Planner, Field or Safety Tab. Likewise, Users can navigate to Planner related Apps via Planner Tab, Field related Apps via Field Tab & Safety related App via Safety Tab.

Last Updated: Dec-10-23