The 'SmartApp BLE RTLS' option enables SmartApp BLE RTLS for the Project when the toggle button is switched ON,  an 'RTLS' TAB will appear in the Project Team. To access SmartApp BLE RTLS, in the Project dropdown menu go to Project Settings > SmartApp BLE RTLS as shown below.


  • With the 'SmartApp BLE RTLS' Setting Turned ON, the 'RTLS' Tab can be seen in the Project Team as shown below.

  • In the RTLS Tab,  you will see the following fields:
  • First Name:  Team Member First Name.
  • Last Name:  Team Member Last Name.
  • First Seen Today: Time that user was first seen today.
  • Last Seen: Date and Time when user was last seen.
  • Last Location: Location where the user was last seen.
  • First Seen Ever: Date and Time when user was first seen ever
  • Source: Source can either be 'RTLS - Phone', 'RTLS-Tag' or GPS.


Device Screen:

The functionality remains same as that of the desktop version. Below is a key screen for device.

Last Updated: Dec-10-23