The RTLS feature turned on the jobsite allows report generation of from multiple areas like Project Team - RTLS Tab, User hover card, Analytics Mode.

Display RTLS Data from Project Team - RTLS tab

  • When you switch to RTLS tab in Project Team, 'Total Time Ever' column display an 'i' icon.

  • 'i' icon is visible in the Total Time Ever column for all the Projects that has RTLS enabled. 

         Note : This icon is not available For non RTLS Jobs.


  • Tapping on the 'i' will load a frame that displays the RTLS report for that user , against the User Filter. From the report, Users can also cancel the filter and look for RTLS data against other Project team members. From the Report, user can Filter RTLS data by Company & User.

Display RTLS Data from User Card

  • Last seen location is displayed  in the 'i' icon at the needs of the row for all the Projects that have RTLS enabled.

         Note : This display is not available For non RTLS Jobs.


Display RTLS Data from Sketch

  • From Sketch, when the User card is invoked, tapping on the 'i' will display the RTLS User Report.

User RTLS Report in Analytics tab

  • All Projects that has RTLS Enabled will have a Predefined Analytic report called the 'RTLS User Time by Day' This report is system generated and cannot be deleted by any User in the Project including admins. Type for these reports will be System.

  • This report will load as a tableau report, However when the report is invoked from Analytics, RTLS data is shown for all the Project team members, and can be filtered by Company and Users.

  • When the report is invoked from Analytic tab, the data is shown for all Project members, but the same report from other places will have the respective user filter applied.


  • Device screens showing 'i' icon in the RTLS tab in Project team and User card respectively. Functionalities are the same for devices & desktops.


Last Updated: Dec-10-23