Enhanced Hover card with RTLS Data

 The Hover card will show RTLS data. This is shown only when 'SmartApp BLE RTLS' is turned ON under project settings.

Universal Hover card changes

This RTLS data on hover card is shown only when 'SmartApp BLE RTLS' is turned ON under Project Settings. If it is OFF, do not show 'Last Seen' information on the hover card. The pulsating icon in green and yellow for the respective status remains the same that has been used in Map tab > People widget.

The universal hover card should be designed as a common control, when hovered on a user will display the same card across the application including Sketch.

Two new data has been introduced in the card, they are 

1. Last Seen: Will show the Date & Time of the user. Also, the location icon will let us know whether the user is active or idle based on the color as shown below. 

2. Last Location: Location of the user where he was last seen at the date and time specified above.

When the user is not a member and is only a contact, we should not be able to live chat or LiveLink with him. (First 2 icons disabled)


Desktop Screens:


Device view:



Enhanced Hover card on Sketch view

Last Updated: Dec-10-23