New RTLS 'Source' option - 'Kiosk'

In the Project Team along with RTLS option selected, a new RTLS 'Source' option called 'Kiosk' will show the following:

a. RTLS-Tag (Existing)

b. RTLS-Phone (Existing)

c. RTLS-Tablet (Existing)

d. Watch (Existing)

e. GPS (Existing)

f. Kiosk (NEW)

New RTLS Hover

In Project Team with the RTLS, when admin hovers over one of the following RTLS 'Source' options, a ‘Hover Tag’ shows the following column:

a. Last Seen

b. Last Location

c. Total Time Today

d. First Seen Today

e. First Seen Ever

f. Total Time Ever

New Project Team 'Source' Value - Devices

In Project Team, with the 'RTLS' option under a Project ‘Team Member’, a new 'Source' option has been added. User will see the following Information:

a. User Email

b. User Company

c. User Role

d. User Phone

e. Last Seen

f. Last Location

g. Source (NEW)

Last Updated: Dec-10-23