To add new Team Members,  go to Project Settings > Project Team in the Project Settings Menu Options. Click on the '+' Add Member button as shown below.

  • In the Add Members screen, you have the option to add 1 or more users. Get started by typing in the Email address. To Add Multiple Team Members, hit enter after entering each email address as shown below.

  • Fill in the following information, then click the 'Add' button:
  • First Name*: Enter the User's First Name.
  • Last Name*: Enter the User's Last Name. 
  • Phone: Enter the User's Phone Number. 
  • Company*: Select an Existing Company for the User.
  • Role: Choose from the available list of Roles. 
  • Skills and Certs: Choose from the available list of Skills and Certs. 
  • Calendar: Select a Calendar for the User. 
  • Shifts: Select a Shift for the user. 


Device screens: 

The functionalities remain same as that of the desktop version. Below are some key screens for devices.




Last Updated: Dec-10-23