The SmartApp BLE RTLS in the project settings will allow you to have the option of Associating a BLE Tag to a user in Smartapp. To get started, go to Project Settings and toggle ON the 'SmartApp BLE RTLS' option as shown below. 


Adding a BLE Tag ID Manually

  • In Project Team, you have the option of adding a BLE Tag ID to a User Manually.  To get started click on the Project Settings > Project Team option to view your Project Team.


  •  Click on the 'Add User' or 'Edit user' option to open that user panel and associate BLE to that account. 



  • In the 'Add or Edit Users' panel,  click on the 'Scan or Type BLE ID' field to manually add a BLE ID.


  • With the BLE ID added, click the 'Add' button to save your progress.


Scanning a BLE Tag Barcode

  • In Project Team, you have the option of scanning a BLE Tag Barcode.  To get started scanning a BLE Barcode,  click on the 'Barcode Icon' in the Add/Edit User Screen.


  • In the pop up 'Acquire Barcode",  the Barcode value scanned will be auto populated.  Click the 'Submit' button to return to the 'Add/Edit Users' page.


Last Updated: Dec-10-23