The SOS Tracker - Configure Questions and SMS Support Safety setting will allow the Configuration of Questions and SMS Support in SOS Tracker.

SOS Tracker

  • The new SOS tracker feature of configuration of questions and SMS support can be accessed using the path 
    Project settings> Safety settings> SOS Tracker.

  • Click on the gear icon on the SOS tracker screen to add a new SOS setting.

  • Below default Alert settings for SOS can be configured, 

a. All Project Members: 'All Project Members' would imply that the SOS when sent by a User is received by all project members.
Note : When turned ON, the Role and Trade picker is disabled. 

b. Role: Select Roles that would receive SOS alert 

c. Trade: Select Trades that would receive SOS alert
Note: Trade and Role are one combination, When set both Trade and Role will receive the alert.


  • You can also enable the "Would you like to add Supplemental information SOS alert" and click on + button to add supplemental questions to the SOS alert.

  • The SOS question settings allows the user to select the field types from the list of Multiple choice, Single choice, Yes,No, field name and Render option as.

  • Clicking on the Add button will add the supplemental question to the Tracker.

  • You can also enable whether All project members should receive the alert by using the toggle button as shown below.

  • To Add a multiple choice question the choices will be added along with a default and correct answer.

  • Clicking on add will add it to the list of questions and enable whether All project members should receive the alert by using the toggle button.

  • The SOS tracker will show last location, last seen and other details of the worker.

Send SOS from phone

  • The SOS can also be sent from the phone by selecting the safety incident and answering questions.


  • Click on the orange tick mark button to send the SOS alert.

  • The alert screen will be as shown below, click on the orange button to send the alert.

  • The SOS alert is as shown below.

Last Updated: Dec-10-23