Safety Bulletin shows the configured categories and the actual bulletins sent separately by toggling the page to 'Category' and 'Alert Log' respectively in the Settings.

How to Configure an Air Quality Alert in Safety Bulletin 

To Configure Safety Bulletin User can Navigate to 'SAFETY Settings' via the 'Mega Menu'.Choose 'Safety Bulletin' from the options.

Adding a New Safety Alert:

Click on the '+' icon to create a new safety alert.

Entering Alert Details:

In the pop-up window, fill in the following information:

Name: Enter a custom name for the alert.

Type: Select 'Air Quality Alert' from the dropdown list, which is populated from the List Manager entries.

Configuring Air Quality Alert:

When 'Air Quality Alert' is selected, the 'Air Quality Alert Configuration' section will appear:

a. Set the threshold for the Air Quality Index (AQI) triggering the alert.

b. Specify the message for workers when the AQI falls within the defined range.

Example Configuration:

For an AQI range of 51 to 100 (Moderate):

When the "Air Quality Index Value" Range is greater than 51 <Range 51 to 100> - Moderate, the Message - "Please wear a mask, as the air quality is starting to deteriorate. Mask is Mandatory" gets triggered to Workers

When the "Air Quality Index Value" Range is lesser than 51, <Range 51 to 100>  - Moderate, the Message - "You can now remove your mask because the air quality has improved to the point where it can be identified as good." gets triggered to Workers

Select the Role & Trade fields from their respective drop-downs. 

When the toggle 'All Project Members' is "ON" then, this particular alert will be sent to all members registered in the project and the Role & Trade fields will be grayed out 

The toggle functionality 'Do you want to send the alert to only members at the Job Site?' 

When the toggle Turn on SMS is "ON", then trigger alerts through SMS as well to the respective workers

Response Tracking can be enabled or disabled by selecting No or Yes radio buttons

Once configuration is complete and user clicks on 'Save', a new alert will be displayed in the 'Safety Bulletin' dashboard (SAFETY Tab → Safety Bulletin)

For an 'Air Quality Alert',  The monitoring service will constantly look for the Air Quality Index for the 'Project Address' and when the Configuration range configured is met, then the alert will be automatically triggered 

'Send Alert' manually is not allowed and is hidden for Type 'Air Quality Alert'

SMS Configuration 

  • Click on the '+' Add button to open the 'Add Safety Bulletin' page.

  • The 'Turn On SMS' is  turned ON, all the safety bulletins will be sent through SMS to the users.

  • The 'Response Tracking' has "Yes or No" option, when the SMS is turned to Yes which allow the Safety Bulletin recipients to reply from the same SMS.

  • If the selection is 'Yes' then you need to set the options as shown below.
  • The "Set to Default expiration time for the Replies" option will allow you to set the time for the replies as shown below.
  • The "Do you want to add a note with response?" option will have "Yes or No" option when set to Yes will allow you to add a note along with the Response.
  • The "Do you want to Notify Reply Summary events to the below roles?" option will have "Yes or No" when set to Yes will notify reply summary events to the selected roles.

  • Save the Safety Bulletin by clicking on the Save button.


Last Updated: Dec-10-23