Standalone Worker Registration - Drag & Drop File

  • During Onboarding for Workers with ‘Badge Photo’ Users can ‘Drag & Drop File’ or select an option of Upload File or Take Photo.

  • Once the File is dropped the interface changes to ‘Crop the image’ allowing the user to crop the uploaded file. The upload is Unsuccessful if the file is dropped anywhere outside the allocated Drag & Drop space.

  • The Drag & Drop option will allow the drag & drop of a single file trying to add more file will show a pop message  'Only one file is allowed to drag and drop' without uploading the files.

Support Drag & Drop - Clarifications

  • In the 'Certifications' step of Worker Onboarding, clicking on ‘Take Photo’, will redirect you to Take Photo/Upload File Step. 

  • The Certifications step supports multi file drag and drop for Certifications, If a Single file is dropped it shows the Edit File pop up on drop of a file, for Multi file drop, the uploaded images are added to the control as shown below.

Last Updated: Dec-10-23