Admins or Safety Managers have the option to Enable or Disable 'Safety Kiosk Mode' in Smartapp Project Menu in order to turn a Tablet into a Kiosk.

Enable Safety Kiosk Mode on a Tablet

  • To Get Started, in your Project,  click to Open the Project Menu.  In the Project Menu,  Tap on the Safety Menu caret.  In the Safety Menu, click on the 'Safety Kiosk Mode Toggle to turn the Safety Kiosk Mode on.


  • With Safety Kiosk Mode turned ON,  a Confirmation window will appear asking you to Confirm that you want to enable Kiosk. Click YES to Confirm.

  • With 'Safety Kiosk Mode' Enabled,  Your screen will enter Kiosk Mode.  It is Now Ready for New Workers or Visitors to Sign In/Out of your Project.

Disable Safety Kiosk Mode on a Tablet

  • To Disable a Tablet in Safety Kiosk Mode,  click on the Kiosk Settings Icon in the top right corner of the screen. In the Kiosk Settings, Tap on the 'Exit Kiosk Mode' option.  This will bring up a sign in window.

  • In the Sign in window,  a Safety Manager or Admin must enter their Email and Password, then click the 'Exit Kiosk Mode' button.  This will Exit Kiosk Mode and return you to your Smartapp Project.

Last Updated: Dec-10-23