The Smart Gate System automates security functions, authenticating the identity of the worker. Safety Manager clicks the 'Smart Gate Access' and Toggles to turn on Smart Gate Access.


Smart Gate Access IN - For a Worker to 'Access IN’

  • Turn on Smart Gate Access as shown below from the Project settings.



Note: Safety Manager clicks on the 'Smart Gate Access' to Toggle on the Android Device, this option is not needed on IOS.


  • A Popup screen appears where Safety Manager can select one of the two following options.
  • Access In:  This will enable Gate access as Access In Device where worker Scans to  enter.
  • Access Out: This will enable Gate access as Out Device where worker Scans to Exit.
  • Both In/Out: This will be controlled by the same Smart Gate access.

  • Safety Manager selects 'Access In' to make the Device an 'Access In' point.


  • After 'Access In' is selected, the Camera will from the device is ON. Workers are required to Scan their Badge at the 'Access In' Device Portal as shown below.

  • After the worker scans the badge, it will check with the project team if the user is Valid. 
  • If the user is valid, it is going to check if the 'Worker In' Questions are configured.
  • If the user is valid AND the construction site is RTLS enabled, then we will have to do a 2 factor. authentication (BLE tag user would be carrying with him will be validated as well that is mapped to the User in Project team and check for if the 'WORKER IN' is configured). 
  • If the User ID tag is not detected, this pop is shown as shown below.

  • The Questions will appear only when they are configured for WORKER IN, in order to complete Time In you have to answer one or more questions.
  • The Pop up default language is English but it will also allow workers to select a language. The updated language will be reflected in all of the following screens.
  • If Worker IN questions are not configured, then User is shown as Successfully Timed IN.
  • Worker clicks 'OK' to proceed and the below popup appears.

  • Questions screen pops up and the worker clicks NEXT to proceed.

  • Workers need to click on DONE once the all the questions are answered.

  • Finally Worker will view Successfully Timed In screen. This screen will stay for a few seconds and will be  back to Camera UI automatically.

Kiosk - Smart Gate Access - Access Out

  • For a Worker to 'Access Out', The Safety Manager must configure the 'Smart Gate Access' point as an 'Access Out' point.

  • Safety Manager clicks the 'Smart Gate Access' Toggle to turn on Smart Gate Access. With 'Smart Gate Access' toggled ON, Safety Manager clicks the 'Access Out' option to make the Device an 'Access Out' point.

  • With 'Access Out' selected, the Camera from the Android Device will stay on. Workers will be required to Scan their Badge at the 'Access Out Device Portal.  When the user scans the Access card the screen is as shown below(Image from the actual Android System).


  • With the Worker Badge Scanned at the 'Access Out' point, Worker will see the following 'Successfully Timed Out' Screen  the message will show for a few seconds and it go back automatically to the Camera UI.

Kiosk - Smart Gate Access - Both Access In/Out

  • One Smart Gate Device needs to be SET to accept both In & Out entries, choose the 3rd option. Since the SmartGate is set to BOTH In & Out, Like Kiosk, If the Access In Entry has already been recorded for the Worker then the second scan has to be treated like a Access Out.


Last Updated: Dec-10-23