This setting will allow admins and site safety managers to create categories for various safety requirements, which can be assigned to specific Trades or Skills to Read/Watch and Acknowledge. That way,  you can be sure that your workers are not only getting work done, but getting it done safely.

First, go to Project Settings, then, under SAFETY™ Settings, select “Safety Requirement Categories.”

This will open the Safety Requirement Categories window. You can add new Safety Requirements by clicking the Add button in the top toolbar.

Here is where you add new Safety Requirement Categories. Start by entering a name and a description.

Next, enter your instructions for your category, and then click the plus button on the right to add them in sequential order.

After that, select a trade that your category will be segmented to, and then select a skill set based on that trade.

You have the option to attach an image or video file to your category, by dragging and dropping multiple files, or selecting them from your device.

Towards the bottom, you’ll see two toggle switches. The first one is asking whether or not you would like to allow attachments. When this is set to on, when a worker is acknowledging the safety requirement, they will have the option to upload files.

The second switch is asking whether or not you would like supplemental request information. When this is turned on, you can select an app that will add any additional data or information necessary for your category.

Once you’ve entered your information, click the “Add” button in the bottom right. Your new category will now show up in the list of other safety requirement categories for the project.


You can edit or delete categories by selecting them, and then clicking the Edit or Delete buttons respectively in the top right. 

Associating an STA with a Tag Card in Planner

In PLANNER™,  when creating a new Tag Card, you have the option of associating specific Safety Requirements to that specific Tag Card.  To do this, create a new Tag Card in a board.  In the Tag Card,  click on the Safety Cone Icon to View available Safety Requirement Categories.


With the specific Safety Requirement Categories selected,  click the 'Add' button to Add the Safety Requirements to your Tag.

The Safety Cone Icon will now show with the number of Safety Requirement Categories associated with your Tag. Click SAVE to Save your Tag.

Workers, based on Trade or Skill will be assigned Safety Requirements.  In their Device,  they will be able to review and acknowledge the Safety Requirement associated with their Task.


  • Clicking on the 'Review and Ack Safety' button will open the STA letting the End User Review each STA. 

  • With all STA's reviewed,  the End User clicks the 'I have read and accept the safety policy manual' button, then clicks the 'Acknowledge Safety' to Acknowledge the STA's.

Last Updated: Dec-10-23