Safety settings allows the configuration of  Safety Permit Categories that can then be included in Planner Tags and Worker Tasks.    

With 'Safety Tracking' turned ON, the 'Safety Permit Categories' will become enabled.  To get started, go to Project Settings, then, under SAFETY™ Settings, select "Safety Permit Categories.

To create a New 'Safety Permit Category" click the '+' in the Safety Permit Category window to get started. 


Here is where you add new Safety Requirement Categories. Start by entering a name 

and a description for your category.

Next, you’ll see a toggle switch asking if you would like a supplemental permit request form. When this is switched to YES, you can select an app that you would like to use to generate this permit request form. If your App is a checklist, you can also select a request template and an approval role for that app.

Additionally, there’s another toggle switch asking if this permit requires an inspection. If so, just like before, you can select an app to generate the inspection, as well as a template, and an Inspection role.

After that, there’s one final toggle switch, asking if you would like to set up a default inspection frequency. If so, you can set this inspection frequency to happen Once, Daily, Weekly, or Intraday. For example, if you choose weekly, select the day you would like the inspection to occur, using the dropdown menu.

If you choose Intraday, select the time window that you would like the inspection to occur. If you want the inspector to override the default frequency, switch this to YES.

Once you’ve entered your information, select Add. Your new category will now show up in the list of all the other Safety Permit categories for the project.

Now, after you’ve created your Safety Permit Category, when creating a New Tag Card in Planner™, you have the option to 

associate a specific Safety Permit to that specific Tag Card.  To do this,  create a New Tag Card in Planner.  In the Tag Card,  click on the Safety Permit Icon to view your Safety Permits.

From here, select your category using the dropdown. 

Enter in the reason for your request, then select the Start date, the duration that the request will last for, and the permit location.

You also have the option to attach photos to your permit request by uploading a photo from your device. Once you’ve entered your information, click “Done” in the bottom right. 


For Safety Permits Configured with a Checklist App,  you will be asked to complete Checklist Questions.  Click the Green Save button to Save your Answers.

With All the information updated for the New Tag, the Safety Cone Icon will now show with the number of Safety Permit Categories associated with your Tag.  Click 'Save' once you’re done.


Last Updated: Dec-10-23