To add a new Work Team to your project, Open the Project Menu, and under the PLANNER™ Settings option select the Work Teams option.

  • Once in the Manage Work Team window, you can click on the + Add button to add a new Work Team.

You can fill out the following information about the Work Team:

  • Name: This is the name of your Work Team
  • Team Color: Allows you to choose a color for your work team
  • Description: This will help others understand the purpose of the Work Team
  • Upload Team Icon: If you already have an icon you want to use for your Work Team, you can add it by clicking the Upload Team Icon text.
  • Create Custom Icon: If you want to create an icon for your Work Team, click the Create Custom Icon text to create a custom icon.
  • Trades: This is where you can pick one or more Trades that apply to the Work Team you are adding
  • Skills: This is where you can pick one or more Skills that apply to the trade(s) you have picked
  • Calendar: This is where you can select the project calendar that pertains to your Work Team
  • Shifts: This is where you can select the shift that pertains to your Work Team
  • Manager: This is where you add the person who is managing the Work Team
  • Team Members: This is where you select the project team members who are assigned to your Work Team
  • Who can perform the Workflow?:

    - When selecting “Manager”, the Manager of your work team will be the one to perform workflow activities assigned to your Work Team.

    - When selecting “All Team Members” everyone including the manager will be able to perform the workflow for any workflow activities assigned to the Work Team.

Click the SAVE button to save your Work Team.

Last Updated: Dec-10-23