Each file added to a project can be associated to a file tag or a location tag. The tags area from the Project Menu allows you to create a library of file tags that can be references when tagging files. To get started creating a Tag, go to Project Settings > FIELD™ Settings > Tags as shown below.

  • The Tags window will open. The Tags window has the following 3 columns:


This is the name of the tag.


This is how many times that tag has been used to tag something.


This is who created the tag and the date/time it was created.

  • To create a new tag, click the Add Tag + button shown below.

  • The Add Tag window will open, and from there, you can type in the name of the tag, and click DONE to save it.

  • Navigating to any file in Drive, and opening the Info Panel, either a file or a location tag can be linked to a location or file. Clicking on the file tags will show a list of all the file tags added to the project.

Last Updated: Dec-10-23