To get started Importing a Symbol, first go to Project Settings > FIELD™ Settings and select Manage Palettes.

  • In the Symbol and Palettes Manager, you have the option to Import the following files:

Sketch Symbol Files:(.iqs)
Drawing Files:
(.dwg, .dxf)
Image Files:
(.svg, .png, .jpg) 

  • To Import a file,  click on the Import File Button.

  • In the Symbol Import window,  select the file you would like to import from drive and click the 'Import' button.

  • Once you import,  you will see a message stating: "The Symbol Import is in progress. This may take a few minutes. You can wait or close or check back later."   Click on either 'Close' to close the window,  or 'Wait' to wait until the Symbol has been uploaded.

  • Once a Symbol has been uploaded, you will see it in the Symbol and Palettes Manager.

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Last Updated: Dec-10-23