Drawing Type Settings

This is the new feature introduced in Project Central under Field Settings as “Drawing Type Settings”.


We can navigate to “Trade” in two ways where we can mark them as “Drawing Discipline”.

  1. Field Settings >  Drawing Type Settings as shown in the above image.

  2. Planner Settings  >  Trades


Note: Either of the ways when we mark Discipline at one place the other gets updated automatically as they both sync.

User lands on the new feature ‘Drawing Type Settings’ from Project central which has two panels.

  1. The Left hand panel shows three columns


Mark As Discipline

Drawing Type


Trade - list of Trades which are part of Project and Users can mark one or more Trades as Discipline.

Mark As Discipline - The “Drawing Discipline” is further classified into “Drawing Type” on the right side panel.

 a. Under “MARK AS DISCIPLINE” “CIVIL” is “checked” then we see sub segments on the right hand side  panel under “ Drawing Type”.

b. There are new columns “MARK AS DISCIPLINE” where any Trades marked as Discipline are displayed as checked. The ones which are unchecked are not marked as Discipline.


Drawing Type - under “Drawing Type” the number which is listed is based on the “Trade” from the Right hand side panel filtered based on the “Mark As Discipline”.



2. The right side panel has two columns 

  Drawing Type


 If none is selected under “Mark As Discipline” the right side panel shows a global list from the project.

Add Drawing Type

To add “Drawing Type”, just click the blank and enter the data.


Uploading Drawing

To upload navigate to “Drive” module > Drawings folder > click upload

a. Users will land on the “upload Drawings” screen. In this screen the column is renamed from “Discipline” to “Discipline/Type”.

b.  When the “Sheet Name” is long, the field will expand up to 3 lines and if it is more than that it collapses. 


c. As we have already configured the Type, when we select Civil from  “Discipline/Type” automatically the child list will be displayed for selection. Here we are classifying further to the next level.

d. As we selected 2 values (Civil & Sequence Of Operators) from the above image, the “Discipline/Type” column will show two values separated by a “colon”.


Issue Purpose 

1. “Issue Purpose” values are extracted from Project Settings > List Manager > Drawing Issue Purpose.

Note: When Project is created the issue purpose will be available by default. Users need not have to create a “Drawing Issue Purpose”, there will be a predefined list that can be selected.

 2. Users can modify or add values by clicking the blank and entering the data.

 3. While uploading a drawing there is  a new column added which is “Issue Purpose”.

4. Users can now select the “Issue Purpose” from the drop down list.


Info Panel

 Info Panel -  “i”  icon on the top right corner which gives detailed information about the file.


In the Info Panel we see new features “Discipline” and “Issue Purpose”. If Discipline is not selected we can also select from the Info Panel too.


Issue Purpose can be selected from here.


If both have values in Info Panel, it will be shown as below.


Device Screens:







To search any file we need to click on the search bar and enter data.

In use case if User wants to search for “Issue Purpose” “Issue for construction”, type the same on search and results will be displayed below.


Device Screens:





Drawing Log Report 

In the toolbar we  have a report icon.


When clicked on the “Report” icon, it will run the predefined report and show the new features in the column.

Last Updated: Dec-10-23