The 'Route/Stamp Settings' option allows Users to configure 'Route/Stamp Sets' with 'Outcome Values'.  The 'Route/Stamp  Sets' can be used in Sketch to Route/Stamp a File or Drawing.  The Files can also be routed to one or more Project Team Member to be Stamped and approved.

  • To Access 'Route/Stamp Settings', in the Project Menu go to FIELD™ Settings > Route/Stamp Settings as shown below.


  • In the 'Route/Stamp Settings' panel,  you can create, edit or delete 'Route/Stamp Sets'.   For each 'Route/Stamp Set', you can add one or more Outcome Values. Once all Route/Stamp Sets and Outcome Values have been added, click 'Save' to save the new Route/Stamp Sets.

If User checks the box at the bottom left, this allows the Blockchain option to be turned off.

Last Updated: Dec-10-23