Drawing Discipline Lookup

The "Drawing Discipline Lookup" setting in Field Settings is now called "Drawing Log & Discipline Manager."

Navigate to Mega Menu -> Field Settings. Click on "Drawing Log & Discipline Manager."

The pop-up window now reflects.

Drawing Log & Discipline Manager Overview

The Drawing Log & Discipline Manager allows users to manage Drawing Disciplines, rearrange rows, and edit discipline details.

  • Each row represents a Drawing Discipline.

  • Rows can be rearranged within a discipline.

  • The accordion in each row displays Drawing Sheets within the discipline.

  • Gripper icons allow users to change the position of rows.

  • Changes made will be explicitly saved by clicking the "Save" button.

Drawing Folder and Log Sequence

Users can rearrange sheets within a Drawing Discipline, and the same order is honored in the Drawing Folder and Drawing Log Report.

  • Use the gripper icon to rearrange sheets within a Drawing Discipline.

  • The order will be reflected in both the Drawing Folder and Drawing Log Report.

Same order shown in Drawing Folder

The same order will be honored inside the Drawing Log Report

Edit Drawing Discipline

Users can edit Drawing Discipline details, such as "Drawing Discipline," "Alias," and "Description."

  • In Drawing Log & Discipline Manager, click the pen icon to edit the Discipline.

  • Changes made apply to all Drawing Sheets within the Discipline.

Edit is only allowed at the parent level and not at individual file/sheet 

Filter for Drawing Logs & Discipline Manager

A new filter is introduced in the Drawing Log & Discipline Manager for better organization.

  • In the Search box, a "Filter By" dialog is available.

  • Options include "None" and "Discipline."

  • Selecting "Discipline" displays checkboxes for each Discipline.

  • Filter by Discipline or Set Belongs To to organize the page.

Delete Functionality

a. Delete Drawing Sheets

Users can delete sheets inside a Drawing Discipline with single or multi-delete options.

  • Select rows and click the Delete (Trash icon) button.

  • Confirm the delete action.

  • The 'Save' button is enabled; clicking it saves all changes.

  • Sheets routed for approval can only be deleted by admins or the user who routed them.

b. Discipline (Parent) Level Delete

Users can delete entire Drawing Disciplines, including associated sheets.

  • Select a Discipline; associated sheets are auto-selected.

  • Confirm the delete action.

  • The Discipline and associated sheets are permanently removed.

Search & Filter for Report Manager

Enhanced search and filter options are available in the Drawing Log & Discipline Manager.

  • Standard search functionality for searching by text on any column.

  • "Filter By" options include "None," "Discipline," and "Set Belongs To."

  • Checkbox options for Discipline and Set Belongs To.

Filter By Discipline

Filter By Drawing Set


Last Updated: Dec-10-23