The Manage Permission Group area is a centralized place where you can add, edit, and delete the roles in your project. Any roles you add in the Manage Permission Group window will be available and can be added to the SmartApps in your App Studio from the Security Roles section of the App Designer. 

  • To add Permission Groups to your project, select the Permission Groups option from the Project Menu shown below.

  • The Manage Permission Groups window will open. From there, click the + Button to add a new Role.

  • The Add Role window will open. From there, you can type in the name of the role you want to add, and add a Description if you want. Click the SAVE button to save the role. 

  • To see which users are assigned to a role, click the people icon in the Manage Permission Group window. The users will be grouped by the role they are assigned to.

  • To see what apps a role is used in, you can select the role, and click the Info button. A panel will open that shows all the SmartApps that use that role.

Last Updated: Dec-10-23