Once you start creating your own apps, organizing and managing them becomes very important!

Let's walk through how you can Manage your App Groups.

1. From Apps mode, click the "Manage App Groups" button. 

App Groups by default will display all of the App Categories for the project, with System App Groups showing first, followed by User defined App Groups. System App Groups cannot be deleted or the name of the App Group cannot be edited.

To add new Apps to an App Group, select that App Group, and then select which apps you'd like to add to that group. Click "Save" when you're done.

Back in Apps Mode, if you select the dropdown in the search bar, you will see all of the System App Groups & User defined App Groups under the 'Public' section.

Tip: If you're unsure if an App Group is a System App Group, you can identify them by going into AppStudio™, and looking for the orange icon in the bottom right of the app.

Note: System Apps are not editable. If you want to edit a System App, you need to copy it and edit the copy. If you click Edit, a window will pop up, that allows you to make a copy of the App. 

Last Updated: Dec-10-23