With a Smartapp™ PRO account, you have the ability to build  your own Apps in App Studio™.  To Open AppStudio, click on the Project Settings button,  select - 'PRO  Settings' option and click the AppStudio™ option.     


  • From App Studio to Design an App,  Click on the Green + button and Create your own App!


  • When creating a New App, you have the option of creating one of the following App Types. Click on one of the App Types to start creating an App.

Form App Use a form App to configure a web form with workflow and choose from a variety of metadata field types and layout options.
Checklist App If you want to create a list of checks to be performed. Use the checklist SmartApp which includes template and different metadata. 
Web App Publish existing web applications as SmartApps, allowing individuals or organizations to access all SmartApps and Web Apps from AppZone


Last Updated: Dec-10-23