Editing an existing app is simple, open the App Studio, and double click on the app you want to edit. The app will open in the App Designer where you can make your edits, save your edits, and publish your edits.

  • Once the App Designer is open, you must click the Edit button before any edits can be made.


  • Once you have clicked the Edit button, it will change to a Save button. Once you have made your edits, you can save them by clicking this Save button shown in the below image.

  • Once you have saved your edits, you will be prompted to provide a summary of the changes you have made. This is helpful for keeping track of changes made to apps over time, but is not required.

  • Once you save the summary of the changes you made or closed the window, the Publish button will turn blue, allowing you to Publish those changes, making them available to any users who have access to that app. 

  • You can keep making changes to your app and publish when you are ready. As long as you save your changes, you can close the Designer and they will be available the next time you open that app in the Designer.

Last Updated: Dec-10-23